Panel kuchenny wzór KREWETKI - wyjątkowy wzór nadający oryginalności każdemu pomieszczeniu kuchennemu. Krewetka zawsze się dobrze prezentuje w kuchni.

  • Delicious shrimp salad and ingredients on a plain backdrop
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  • shrimp farming prawn seafood sea food fresh animal fishing gourmet market white shrimp shrimp farm nature aqua culture vannamei shrimp pond juvenile fishery fingerling penaeus vanna. Copyspace image
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  • Tasty grilled shrimp on skewers, on a plate.
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  • Ecuadorian shrimp ceviche a traditional appetizer On a white wooden table. Creative Banner. Copyspace image
    id: 713921760
  • banner seafood shrimp and mussels with lemon on a large plate in a restaurant
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  • Closeup of fresh sea food of shrimps and prawns on ice isolated on bright blue background banner
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  • Fresh shrimp with greens and orange slices
    id: 816233129
  • horizontal banner for fish market, fresh seafood, red shrimp lying on crushed ice, ice cubes, food preservation, blue background, copy space, free space for text
    id: 772263325
  • Grilled jumbo shrimp with garlic, lime, and parsley on a black stone slab.
    id: 703081241
  • Design visually appealing recipe card templates featuring Norwegian seafood dishes such as grilled salmon, cod stew, or shrimp pasta, with vibrant imagery and elegant typography
    id: 812402185
  • Seafood shrimp pasta on blurred restaurant background with copy space for text, culinary concept
    id: 742859873
  • Shrimp and avocado salad with lime cilantro dressing, top view horizontal food banner with copy space
    id: 812267424
  • A seafood market with fresh fish, shrimp, and shellfish displayed on ice. The market is busy with customers and vendors preparing seafood. HD realistic look captured by an HD camera
    id: 831667983
  • giant food shrimp on a plate, realistic and professional setting
    id: 836520072
  • Fresh raw frozen shrimp in ice
    id: 697235498
  • A top-down view of raw tiger shrimp in a cast iron skillet on a black wooden background
    id: 855565885
  • Seafood. Prepared Shellfish. Mediterranean. Copy space image. Place for adding text or design
    id: 855947391
  • Fresh shrimp with greens on white background
    id: 736502151
  • Artistic shot of two grilled shrimp lying on a blue plate, with colorful spices scattered around and a rustic wooden table setting
    id: 843350046
  • A delicious and healthy appetizer spread with fresh vegetables, hummus, and pita bread. Perfect for a party or a snack.
    id: 809920921
  • Authentic Spanish paella with Ibiza red prawns, featuring seafood from the renowned tapas tradition.
    id: 703013902
  • Grilled shrimp skewers with herbs, presented on a wooden board by the beach, ideal for summer dining and seafood lovers.
    id: 838075237
  • In the colorful underwater world of the Atlantic Ocean, a vibrant coral reef in Florida Keys teems with marine life, from shrimp to macro invertebrates, captivating scuba divers with its breathtaking
    id: 682596178
  • Fresh shrimp on white plate and fresh vegetables cooked shrimps prawns and seafood spicy chili sauce coriander cooking shrimp salad lemon lime. Creative Banner. Copyspace image
    id: 713922344
  • Red Langostino shrimps showcased on a marble board against a black background from a top view with space for text.
    id: 846550075
  • Delicious sesame shrimp served in a black bowl, garnished with green onions, with a side of sauce on a rustic table setting.
    id: 859278949
  • Close-up of cooked shrimp and mussels in a black pan on a wooden table
    id: 851808584
  • horizontal banner for fish market, fresh seafood, red shrimp lying on crushed ice, ice cubes, food preservation, gray background, copy space, free space for text
    id: 798996088
  • Single serving of tempura shrimp on a plate, with sweet and sour and soy sauces, appetizer concept.
    id: 702596781
  • Close up of a lobster on a plate, , food background
    id: 845777589
  • Fresh seafood assortment with shrimp, oysters, and lemon halves on a dark background. Perfect for culinary and food-themed projects.
    id: 843819454
  • lobster on plate black background
    id: 821004661
  • Assorted seafood conch shrimp abalone. with copy space image. Place for adding text or design
    id: 702140699
  • giant food shrimp on a plate, realistic and professional setting
    id: 836520088
  • delicious shrimp and veggie wrap with basil on dark background.
    id: 857151707
  • A delicious and healthy meal of shrimp and rice, with a spicy sauce and fresh herbs.
    id: 845390649
  • Boiled shrimp Isolated on pastel background Food Isolated. Copy space image. Place for adding text and design
    id: 855961512
  • Collage of fresh seafood, crabs, mussels, oysters, shrimp and sea bass
    id: 717184413
  • Detailed close-up of two grilled shrimp with a golden-brown crust, placed on a dark stone surface, with a hint of steam and a small bowl of salsa verde
    id: 843350270
  • A plate of food with shrimp and broccoli in a pan
    id: 853670388
  • Spicy shrimp on a plate.
    id: 703035668
  • expensive sushi on the tray, top view, empty light gray background, with empty copy space, beautiful decoration
    id: 814677142
  • Delicious spicy Bengali seafood, Indian fish curry. Grilled shrimp. Asian cuisine.
    id: 699811614
  • Healthy whole grain linguine with shrimps asparagus cherry tomatoes fresh Parmesan cheese and oregano. Creative Banner. Copyspace image
    id: 700510513
  • Frozen seafood assortment on gray stone Raw shrimp mussels scallops Empty area for text Copy space image Place for adding text or design
    id: 686071080
  • Shrimp arranged on a dark, textured surface with ice
    id: 847343556
  • Close-up view of shrimp cooking on a grill, flames licking the seafood
    id: 842426921
  • Professional cook preparing shrimp with precision, capturing the motion of sprinkling seasoning.
    id: 856031116